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Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels are commonly used in weld shops, fabrication industries, metal working industries and foundry divisions for deburring, grinding, polishing and finishing. We have two different grades such as Fast Cut and Long Life for materials such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

Long Life wheels are made up of high performance alumina and resin bond which ensure extended life along with high material removal. These wheels are mainly preferred for heavy fabrication applications such as “v” grooving.

Fast Cut wheels are made up of quality abrasives and unique cloth reinforcement which provide quick stock removal on hard metals. These wheels are preferred for deburring and finishing.

Special Grade Wheels for Foundry Application: INDUS


Key Benefits

  •  Highest productivity and lowest grinding cost
  • Fast stock removal

  • No vibration
  •  Exceptional balance and no bouncing on work piece